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    How to Design a Persuasive Homepage


    The first step in designing your homepage is to select the right technical underpinning. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and the start of your URL is HTTPS. You can choose from various homepage builders such as Strato, Weebly, or Jimdo. There are also numerous advantages to selecting these builders. Here are a few tips to design an effective homepage. Moreover, it’s important to consider the target audience’s preferences.

    Use a roundabout metaphor

    The most important page on your website is your homepage. So how can you make your homepage as persuasive as possible? One tip is to use a roundabout metaphor. Instead of using literal words, write a phrase that describes the way you want readers to proceed. Then, follow that phrase with a CTA to take the next step. That way, your readers will not have a difficult time navigating through your page.

    Improve SEO of your homepage

    When it comes to homepage optimization, graphics and videos are critical. They not only support the copy but also add aesthetic appeal. Images also help convey ideas quickly and effectively. To increase SEO on your homepage, be sure to use image file types that are optimized for SEO, and rename the images with keyword-based names. High-quality photos and videos also boost the impact of your main page. Videos are especially useful for marketing purposes because the majority of internet users watch video content in their spare time. Using videos can visually convey the benefits of your company, and also help improve conversion rates.

    Internal linking is a key part of SEO, but you should be careful not to clutter your homepage with too many links. Spreading too many links across your homepage can make your content look unprofessional and cluttered. If you can, keep internal links to important subpages within your website in the footer. Adding this link juice to your homepage can also boost traffic to those pages that contain the most relevant information.

    Another way to boost your homepage’s SEO is to write copy that contains targeted commercial keywords. For example, if your homepage focuses on your brand name, you should make it as long as possible, with a keyword that explains everything a customer needs to know. If your service page focuses on the specifics of your product, you may use different keywords for it. For example, you may offer widget insurance, widget repair, or widget management.

    Using a keyword research tool is an excellent way to track and improve SEO of your homepage. It will also generate focus keywords that you can use for on-page optimization. The right keywords and keyword combinations are critical to ranking high on search engines. If you do not optimize your homepage, it won’t be noticed at all. The more relevant your meta-tag is, the more likely it is that people will click on your homepage and find you.

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