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    Top 5 Website Design Trends of 2017


    If you want to set up a professional internet presence, a homepage design is important. You can get a professional design for a small or large price from a website design company. Moreover, they can take care of the whole website setup, from hosting to design. There are also a number of tips for homepagegestaltung. Here are a few:


    Moovit is an Israeli mobility as a service (MaaS) solutions provider and a popular journey planner app. The app uses crowdsourced public transit data from user communities to provide real-time information for travelers. Its features include real-time bus arrival, stop information, and get-off alerts. In 2016, it won Google’s “Best Local App” award and was named one of Apple’s best new apps of 2017.

    Moovit has 15 million users in 500 cities and collects 2.5 billion data points a month. With an average of 60 people working worldwide, Moovit aims to make public transportation as easy as possible. The company is not focused on generating revenue, but has several revenue-generating options to support its mission. Users can purchase bus and train tickets, use pay-ride partners, and display advertisements on its site. To keep Moovit relevant to users, it is built with user feedback in mind.

    The design of a Moovit homepage is highly customizable. Visitors can choose the type of background that they wish to appear in their home city. The color scheme is also customizable and can be customized to fit the theme of the website. The company’s icon is a lightning bolt. It is reminiscent of the lightning bolt, which can represent a fast car. The icon for Moovit is in the shape of a lightning bolt. The company claims to be GDPR compliant.


    If you’ve ever browsed a Skillshare homepage, you’ll know that videos and images dominate the page. There’s a reason for that! This online community is committed to empowering people to learn by doing. The website is home to thousands of online classes. Getting started on Skillshare is free, and you can take a free trial course to see what the community is all about. After you’ve tried a few classes, you might want to subscribe for unlimited access.

    Evian (re)new

    The new Evian (re)new water dispenser will launch as a pilot project in London and Paris next month with 200 select consumers. The company has already announced that all plastic bottles will be made from recycled plastic by the year 2025, a circular approach to reducing waste. In the meantime, the company will continue to redesign packaging, accelerated recycling initiatives, and recover plastic waste from nature. This is the first step towards a new and more sustainable future.

    The redesigned Evian website uses a product photo and pastel colors to highlight key features. The redesigned homepage also features a floating menu which remains static as you navigate. This ensures that users can quickly find the products they are interested in without navigating away from the site. The Evian (re)new homepage is a perfect example of how to use a splashy color palette.

    The company has been working with the fashion designer Virgil Abloh on a new water dispenser. The new design includes a bubble that changes shape after each use, making it both a water dispenser and a fashion statement. Evian is committed to using only recycled plastic in its bottles by the year 2025. This will be the first step towards Evian’s goal of becoming a fully circular company by 2025. This means that the company will be using a percentage of recycled plastic in every water bottle.

    La La Land

    The Theme Song is a perfect example of the aesthetic filmmaking techniques used by the La Los Angeles team. The song is surprisingly original and calm at first, but becomes more emotional as the characters become more familiar with one another. The acoustics of the film reflect this, as can be seen in the way Mia and Sebastian kiss after their dance. The film’s artistic direction, however, also hints at the complexity of a relationship that is not grounded in practical reality.

    The color scheme is a dazzling one. The movie’s rich color palette was created with the help of art and music. The movie itself was shot in the infamous 2.55 CinemaScope format that was popular in the 1950s. Modern movies use a more common 2.40:1 aspect ratio. If you want to create a website that reflects the aesthetics of the film, consider using this as your guide.

    In terms of design, LaLaLand has an eclectic mix of styles and colors. Despite the evocative title, it’s hard not to associate the film with Los Angeles. The film was released in the UK on January 13 of this year and has a nostalgic aura that many people have found irresistible. Mia, for instance, works in a coffee shop on a Warner Bros. set, where the film was made. During the ‘Big Six’ era, Warner Bros. controlled Hollywood filmmaking and dominated the industry. This allowed for massive control over filmmaking, stars, and cinemas. During the film’s run, La Los Angeles has become synonymous with dreamers, those out of touch with reality, and the Hollywood ‘dreamers’ of the film.


    The Dropbox homepage is minimalist and clean, and combines a simple design with a strong typeface and serene color scheme. The solid block of sky blue with maroon typography, a bold header, and a CTA button at the top of the page create a locker-like feel. The homepage also incorporates animations for added visual interest, as well as to provide more details about the product. We’ll look at each of these features in more detail below.

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